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Charles Coe


FS should be able to tell if you have or did have SMA's and the number remaining. Also do you have an authorization CED.


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Hi All,
I’m going to ask here about a problem I am having with Jaws 14.
I have contacted FS tech support, but, thus far, none of the suggestions have worked.
I have the most current version of Jaws 14, using Windows 7.
I checked the About section in the Help menu, and it states that I have 0 SMA’s.
This is incorrect, and should show a count of 2.
I went to the update authorization and ran that.
Twice I did it, and each time it said it was successfu.
It sstill showed 0 SMA.
The last suggestion from FS was to disable the firewall, and run the authorization process again.
I did that, too.
It still says 0 SMA.
Now, each time I have done the authorization, I have had to manually enter the Jaws authorization code.
If anyone has encountered this, and fixed it, I would appreciate knowing what you did.
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