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Brian Varner <bvarner05@...>

Yes, there are headers, just too many. I counted 9 times hitting h to
take me to the body of your reply. Then, I tried a header list and
arrowed through that. I guess I miss outlook express where you just
opened the email message and it popped you into the body of the email.
Replying to gmail is cumbersome as well, hitting the tab key or arrow
key until you find the body of the email, and when you do find it, you
are at the bottom of the text. So, to please those who prefer to see
the new text at the top and their old message after my new text, I
ctrl-home to put the cursor at the top of the body of the message.

Also, gmail doesn't include all the previous messages in the thread
when you first open a message someone has replied to. To see the full
text, there is a "show original" button, but, when you use it, a new
window opens with all the gibberish marking the line breaks and
whatever all that other stuff is I don't need to hear.

Attaching stuff is cumbersome too. I save music recordings from
chorus rehersal on my digital voice recorder, and sometimes will send
a few tracks to someone who missed a rehersal. I always end up
hitting "send" before getting the attachment attached. The prompts
for gmail with jaws are just not very intuitive.


On 9/18/13, David G. Carlson <dgcarlson@...> wrote:

Aren't there headers on the GMail site that you can use?
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Hi all,

Does anyone have any suggestions on reading the gmail more
efficiently? I have been jumping to a line but depending on how many
people are in the address line or how long the subject line is, or a
host of other stuff that differs from message to message, the first
line of the body of the email differs. Thus, I hear stuff I don't
need to hear before the first line of the body of the email, or, I
jump past the first line. Using "find" helps sometimes, but it would
be nice to have a placemarker that could be used with some


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