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judith bron

You don't have to be technologicly savy to have irrational reactions from
your computer. How many of you became panic stricken when jaws doesn't
work? What is your reaction when you realize the speaker is turned off?
For those of us with a little bit of sight we have the same reaction about a
screen accidently turned off. Yesterday I had a panic attack when the
computer didn't work! At all! I forgot I turned it off intentionally for a
few hours. We're all guilty of being the objects of the consequences of our
own actions or a temporary lapse in common sense. Judith

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I've kicked the plug from the keyboard from the back of the desktop - same
results! We mainframe guys can certainly outsmart ourselves!
Pat byrneAt 07:09 PM 9/17/2013, you wrote:
I thought most on the list might get a laugh out of this one.

I, finally, installed JAWS 14 yesterday and about the same time I got
one of those wonderful Microsoft updates.

All seemed to go quite well after a re-start so I finished my business
on the computer and turned it off for the night.

This morning I fired up the laptop and JAWS came up, announced that it
was ready so I did some emails, made a couple of replies and, oops, all
of a sudden JAWS would not respond.

Now, several releases ago JAWS would freeze up if you were doing a
fairly long email message so, I, as an experienced Systems Analyst and
DBA gave this a little thought.

Worse yet, Narrator would also not respond either so I wondered if the
MicroBloat update got me.

Having no speech I waited until my wife arose to read the blamed screen.

When Crystal came into the room I told her of my plight and immediately
she asked "did you check your batteries in the wireless keyboard?"

Well, as a matter of fact this never occurred to me as I was sure
either JAWS or Winderz got me.

Hmm, new batteries in the keyboard solved the problem and I really did
feel a bit foolish. (very red face)

Have a great day everyone.


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