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Also, I would advise against activating jaws inside a virtual machine
under most circumstances.

It is more costly ($200) in the short term but if you are going to use
VMs a lot I would get the remote access option enabled, then you don't
need to worry about activating jaws for such uses so long as you
connect using remote desktop.

And if you aren't going to use the VM enough for that t be worthwhile
you probably aren't going to be using the VM enough to want to burn an
activation on.

On 9/16/13, Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS) <Ted.Lisle@...> wrote:
Your About screen will tell you if your SMA is good. Just because
Activation is cranky, don't automatically assume the worst. If YOUR SMA is
good, you have other alternatives. Wish I could remember how they work
right at this minute, as I've had to use them myself from time to time. I do
recall that you can get a code online from FS, which you enter along with
your authorization number.


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decided to road test jaws 15, in the virtual machine, using vmware work
station 10.
windows narrator, seems a half decent screen access solution.
and the nice voices.
except, the volume was low, then high in some spots.
and was able to install all updates, then install jaws 15.
and guess what.
when i installed all the windows updates, and then rebootted.
then i was able to hear the text route jaws to pc, and able to hear my
serial number, able to hear insert tab, the version of jaws.
same when i was trying to set up my network, and heard the message, about
the create home group, etc.
also went to the toshiba site, and you click a button to see if your pc is
upgradeable to windows 8.
and mine is, even though the model is not in the list of laptops.
that was the main problem, when i tried about 12 months ago with jaws 13,
and then jaws 14.
but, this seems to fix it.
was able to connect to the internet, but when i tried to authorisze my jaws,
took forever to connect to the freedom scientific ftp server, and then said
it could not connect.
maybe my serial number is no good, and will be upgrading the sma, for jaws
and road testing, jaws 15 on my windows 7 machine.
so will just go and get the windows 8 automated kit.
and got the legal version of windows 8, from, as a
it student, and a member of the Microsoft Sodftware Development Academy
Alliance, where as i am a student of wsi online at, able to legally download software.
and have done so with windows 7, windows 8, visual studio 2012, project
2012 .

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