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Brent Harding

Is there anything that can be done for the web-based version of Quickbooks? For a work experience I am doing, it might be beneficial to be able to use it. The first problem I ran into with it is that it likes to supercede JFW, so if I was going to enter a transaction, and arrow up or down to read what the field is, it moves to the previous or next transaction, not to mention doing the same in the edit boxes that really should be combo boxes where you choose the category.

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I will be working with Quicken for next year as JAWS scripts go. We are
currently on quickbooks. An accessible money manager would be cash manager
out of austrailia.
John Martyn

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Does anyone know any accessible financial software for the visually

In particular, I am looking for software that would be able to retrieve data
from online banking statements and credit card statements and then summarize
the items into categories.

For instance, I would want to be able to make categories like:
groceries/friends/phone/daycare/etc and also be able to transfer the data
into the categories stated so that I would be able to know how much was
spent on that category in a monthly or yearly basis.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You


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