Windows not ejecting USB device with Humanware Companion

Karen Reynolds <reynolds-karen@...>

I'm not sure where to post this message so I'll post it here. I don't think
it is a JAWS issue but I don't know. When I exit this program I tell it that
I do want to eject the USB drive. Everything goes okay until the second
screen where I tell it that I definitely want to eject it and then this
dialog box pops up that says:

Problem Ejecting LoC.NLS Talking Book USB Device
The 'LoC.NLS Talking Book USB Device' device is not removable and cannot be
ejected or unplugged.

This happens with both The NLS cartridge and the Stream SD card which I have
put into a USB reader.

I've called Humanware and they say it is a Windows issue. I'm running
Windows 7. How do I fix this?


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