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Thank you, I would have to look into that. Currently the ADA laws don't include websites so that was where I was trying to advocate change. I believe the FCC regulates communication only which isn't quite the same as accessibility.

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Would the FCC have anything to do with this; just a thought.

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I was wondering if you can post my message below to promote my petition:

I am running a Online Petition to the DOJ to make all public websites accessible to deaf-blind individuals. Please read why it is important below and sign my petition. I have been working at HKNC for the last 13 years in the Technology department and have experienced how frustrating inaccessible websites can be for my deaf-blind students and friends. Thank you.
The ultimate goal is to enhance the lives of deaf-blind people

everywhere by enabling them to fully access all public websites

independently. The majority of most public websites are vision based and

not fully accessible using specialized software and/or hardware. The

companies that create their websites do not have the proper deaf-blind

awareness or education that their websites are inaccessible to

deaf-blind users. I want the US government to change the current ADA

laws to include public websites for accessibility. With the proper

regulations in place, every current and future websites would have to be

designed and/or changed under the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines


I have tested the top 20 visited websites in the United States and found

that roughly 50% of these websites are below average in regards to

accessibility. This is unacceptable and must be changed. I tested these

websites using W3C WCAG1, WCAG2, and Section 508 accessibility guidelines.

I used _ to discover the top 20

visited websites in the Unites States. is web information company

which tracks over 30 million websites worldwide.

Please support this important cause!

You can sign my petition by clicking here.


Bill Spagnuolo
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