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Charles Coe


You should try Freedom Scientific first and the other would be the Blind
training site. Here are the links to their web sites

The training at freedomscientific are for the most part, free. However, the
blind training courses cost $80.00 per course.


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Subject: Tech Info needed

I know over the past few months several books and articles have been
recommended for better understanding or learning Windows7, Office 2010 and
Outlook 2010 and other applications. I hate to ask but could someone resend
titles and websites to find them. My goal is to understand Microsoft
products, Jaws and one day possibly write scripts.

Advice from anyone in this effort is welcome. My direct email address:

Can be used if you do not want to flood the list with information everyone
might already have.

Thank you in advance for any consideration on this request.


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