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What is best if you are using old Braille plusses, Bookport Plus, Plextalk,

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Hi Dave,
Windows 7 will still be supported until 2020 (at least long-term
support), so you'll be fine with it. Windows 8.1 corrects some
of the "mistakes" that Microsoft has made in 8.0 (at least visual
and usability wise), so for those who'd like to taste Windows 8's
modern interface might wans to wait until October. Also, unless
you need to work with older devices, I'd suggest using 64-bit
Windows 7 (Home Premium is fine for most users unless you want
all features, for which Ultimate is useful; Professional is good
for business and power users as well as those who're part of

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Subject: JAWS 15 - let's Debate XP to Windows 7 or 8

Greetings all. I listened to the August PodCast from Freedom
Scientific on
the JAWS 15 edition. At one point they indicated that support
from F S for
XP will likely end with JAWS 16. The JAWS 15 release is designed
to support
Windows 8 and the 8.1 edition due out next month.

Other JAWS users who have my trust backed up by professional
advice suggest that Windows 7 would still be their preference
when grinding
through the leap away from XP which, as you know, will cease
being supported
by Microsoft in April of 2014.

I'm seeking the advice and experience of others before committing
to a new
desk top computer and look forward to the reliable opinions from
this group
about the best decision on my choice for an operating system in
Microsoft family so many thanks in advance. Mitch

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."
Larry Elder

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