Re: OT: Windows 7 lists?

MJ Williams <matthewjwilliams101@...>

"It seems to take three times as long ..."
Oh Joy! Is that what we have to look forward to when we finally say fairwell to xP? <smile>

At 16:01 02/09/2013, you wrote:
I'd be interested in such a list too as the learning is going slow for
me. It seems to take three times as long to do simple tasks as it did
under xp. but there's no going back so ...

On 9/2/13, Loreal Lavigna <> wrote:
Does anyone know of any windows 7 lists for the blind at all? I'm learning
as I go and not doing too badly with it, but could always use some
tips/tricks whenever and wherever I can find them. Thanks in advance!

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