Important note for virtualization fans: Never, ever use JFW under a hypervisor such as Hyper-V, VMWare and so forth due to authorization and tandem issues


Hi folks,
Recently, I got a new laptop with plenty of RAM to run multiple guest
OS's as virtual machines under VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V. After I
authorized JAWS 14 on my laptop, I enabled Hyper-V and tried to use it
to create a virtual hard disk (VHD) for a guest OS. However, after
Windows restarts after enabling Hyper-V, JFW loses ILM authorization
thanks to the fact that Windows is now running on top of Hyper-V
hypervisor. Although I now have a dongle for authorizing JAWS (since
resume from sleep and memory allocation issue came up again), at
times, I find that I may need to use ILM key when running JAWS.
So for those who'd like to experiment with virtualization and running
multiple guests (including running Windows 8 64-bit on top of Hyper-V
or other hypervisors and if the virtualized guest has JFW installed),
please remember to never, ever use JAWS with ILM authorization (you
need a dongle, or you can use JFW in demo mode).
On a related note: you should NOT use "fake" or "virtualized" tandem
sessions (I define fake or virtualized tandem means using two copies
of JFW, with one running inside a VM), especially when using VMWare
Player, as you'll need to go to Windows Lock screen (CTRL+Alt+Delete)
to use keyboard from host when keystrokes are sent to the guest that
doesn't exist (because tandem JFW exited).
For reference, my system specs are:
* OS: Windows 8 Pro 64-bit (host) with Windows XP and Windows 8.1
Preview 32-bit guests.
* JFW version: 14.0.6005.
* CPU: Intel Core I5 4200U, 1.6/2.6 GHz.
* RAM: 16 GB with each guests using 2 GB (Windows XP) and 3 GB
(Windows 8.1 Preview), respectively.
* Hypervisors: Hyper-V (Windows 8 Pro host), two instances of VMWare
Player (one instance per guest).

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