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judith bron

Kayla, I also have a new machine and this system is a lot different from my
windows xp machine. Here are some notes I took from this list. If you have
any questions about them just drop a line. Judith

Notes on new computer
1. Auto completeing address in email Outlook doesn't do a very good
job of auto completing. What I do is to type the first few letters and then
press ctrl + K. That is the hot key for check names. If it only finds one
match, it will put it in for you. If it finds more than one, it will give
you a list to choose from. It's not a perfect solution, but it usually

2. Sending an attachment

You can focus on the file in question, bring up the context menue with
applications key or shift f10, arrow down until you hear send to, right
arrow, up or down arrow until you hear mail recipient, press enter, and the
default email client will come up with the file attached. Just type in the
email address and send the email.
First, after pressing the applications key, I press n twice to reach "Send
to." It saves a fair amount of arrowing.

Second, I thought I should clarify that once you land on the "To" line and
set up the recipient, the email form is like any other in Outlook. The
difference is that MS adds automated text into the subject line and message
field. I tend to delete all that and write in my own choice of text.

1. Adding address to address book Here's a couple ways you can do

The first way, is,

Press ctrl+shift+c
This will place you on a screen where you can add a contact, Use the tab key
to access the criteria, Once you've completed filling in the various fields,
Press escape key, and say yes to save.
The second way is,

1, open a message from the person whom you wish to add/reply to,

2, now shift+tab until you hear;
From: the person's name and email address; Move your left arrow to highlight
the name/email

3, press the applications key,
Up arrow and enter on,
Add to outlook contacts,

2. Since you say you're using MS Outlook (and not Outlook Express or
Windows Live Mail) then you press Ctrl +3 and you will be in the Contacts
pane. You can decide whether to have a business card view, phone list view,
or address book view. I use the detailed address book view, as it shows as a
list and not as a matrix.

Auto completion needs to be turned on.
I use Outlook 2007, so this might be different based on your version...
From the message pane do the following:
Alt + t for tools
o for options and press enter
Tab to Preferences press enter
Tab to Email Options press enter
Tab to Advanced email Options press enter Look for When sending a message
automatic name checking and check this press ok repeatedly until out.


BCC field
new message ctrl+n

now press,


Run dialogue
Type run into the start menu edit search box.

Some installations of Windows7 don't include the "run" command by default.

To add the Run command to the Start menu

Open Taskbar and Start Menu Properties by clicking the Start button ,
clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, and then
clicking Taskbar and Start Menu.

Click the Start Menu tab, and then click Customize.

In the Customize Start Menu dialog box, scroll through the list of options
to find the Run command check box, select it, click OK, and then click OK

Word Web- alt/control/b

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Subject: JAWS 14 and Windows 8 question

Hi all,
I recently purchased a windows 8 computer along with ms office 13 and JAWS
14. As someone who has used xp and ms office 2007 for the last several
years, Windows 8 is a lot different. I have attempted to google search tips
on how to use windows 8 with JAWS 14, but so far I haven't found anything
particularly helpful. If anyone knows of any resources detailing how to use
JAWS, MS office 13, and windows 8 effectively that they could pass along I'd
really appreciate it!
Thanks, Kayla

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