Re: Jaws And Negativity.

Spencer McLean <smclean@...>

Valid points all. I'm a writer, so the health of my employment doesn't hinge on Excel. So I can well imagine how those who have to venture off the main path of web browsing/word processing get frustrated, and how I might have a better opinion of the application given that I don't have to hack my way through those particular jungles.

Well, in the end, the lens through which we evaluate something is almost always primarily colored by how much we paid for it. given the ridiculous pricetag, it should work better than it does. I just wish its virtues got kicked around a bit more than they do because maybe some people on this list aren't'aware of JAWS's more useful, esoteric commands.

anyway, my sympathies to those of you who have to soldier on.


PS: So sorry for that dashes thing in my original post. didn't notice before I hit send. 23 list items, huh? At least that wasn't JAWS's fault. ;)

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