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Adrian Spratt


I've never done this myself, but my notes of earlier posts here tell me that you can find colors on the Net. Here's my note, then I'll copy a link.

Skim reading. Press shift-control-JAWS key-down arrow to go into a menu of choices. The fourth, or last, enables you to search by color.
You can also set up JAWS to identify colors in configuration Manager's "speech and sounds."

The following FS webpage explains JAWS's skim reading function:

I hope this gets you started.

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Hi List.

Prompted by the recent discussion on bolded text, I wonder if someone could help me resolve an issue with locating red text.

I'm subscribed to an information service that points out the most likely to succeed parts of their info in red text, and I'd just like to know if there's a quick JAWS command I could use to jump straight to this info?

I'm using the latest JAWS, and this information could be in either emails or online, in case that makes a difference.

Many thanks.

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