Re: How to search for bolded text in Word 2010?

Adrian Spratt


I can't figure out how alt-f/e is different from the control-f Word 2010 find function, and yet following your directions, it was in alt-e/f that I succeeded.

I find the process unduly cumbersome, almost as if skipping through the document would take up as much time, but not quite.

A time saver, for anyone interested. If you leave the find dialog to edit but you want to resume your search for the same item, go back into find with alt-e, then f, and then press alt-f. this lands you on the next instance of your previous search term.

Thanks, Ann, yet again.

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No, you don't have to search for text. But remember to read the
results with insert-c. Testing it--shamefully, after writing--I did
the following:

1. Alt-e, then f
2. Press the 'more' button
3. tabbed to format button, enter
4. tabbed to font ... enter
5. tabbed to font style and selected bold
6. tabbed to okay and pressed enter, which placed me on the first bolded text.
8. JAWS read nothing, so I pressed insert-c to read.
9. pressed enter for the next bolded text and insert-c again.

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