Is This a JAWS Issue or an MS Word Issue?

Rick Miller

Dear Listers:

I recently upgraded to Windows 7 and to MS Word 2010 and to JAWS 14 when I
got my new computer. Back when I used both Windows 98 and Windows XP I
constructed two mail-merge databases of the names and addresses of people I
send Christmas cards to. When I tried to use the mail-merge wizard in Word
2010, the databases open up, but JAWS only reads a part of each person's
address every time I arrow down through the people in each database. When I
tried to edit an address in one of the databases, JAWS would not read all
the fields, such as first name, last name, etc., and instead of going to the
pane of the mail-merge wizard after I would close whatever I was editing, I
would be put into the main document instead of in the mail-merge pane. I
was unable to edit anything. My technician has examined my computer and has
assured me that the data sources are definitely still there. He can see
them in print, but JAWS is not reading the full name and address of each
person. Is this a JAWS problem or a MS Word problem? Is there a way I can
get this solved without having to type the whole database over?

Rick Miller

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