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Thanks. That's exactly what I was trying to figure out. It worked.


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Hi Jean,

I'm not sure if the keystroke to set the row containing the column headings has changed in Excel 2013, but, give this a try… it works in Excel 2010 using Jaws 14…

1. Move the cursor to the row containing the column headings.
2. Press Insert, Alt, CTRL, C. This should set that row as the row containing column titles, and, Jaws should read these titles as you move from column to column.

I know, the keystroke is a bit tricky to perform, but, it can be done! :)

Good luck.

On 2013-08-16, at 10:20 AM, Jean <jemenzies@...> wrote:

Using Jaws 14 and Excel 2013.

How do I get Jaws to read column titles as I tab across rows? I don’t understand the Jaws descriptions of the reading options. It seemed much simpler in earlier versions of Jaws, but I can’t get it to work now. What do I need to define or set?

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