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Dennis, when I launch ADE, JAWS will announce that I'm focused on the
content area, and I can arrow down about 5-6 times, and then JAWS freezes.
so I don't think it is an image of text, unless it really is an image and
JAWS is trying to announce it as true text..x Hmm...

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Hello Mario,
I've had no personal experience with the Adobe DRM files. However, regular
Adobe PDF files come in two varieties; those which contain text and are
therefore readable using Jaws, and the second type contain only a series of
images, one for each page, and cannot be read using Jaws. Is it possible
that the DRM file you are attempting to read contains only images? If so,
you will have to find a way to perform OCR on the file. If this is the case,
contact me and I will try to help.
All the best,
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