using digital editions


hi all, I'm taking a course that will use a cert guide/manual, and it's PDF
is only available with DRM. Since I can't open it with Adobe Reader, I'm
forced to use Adobe Digital Editions. After ADE was installed and
authorized, do I need to change any settings, because I'm having a very
difficult and frustrating time accessing the contents of the guide. I've had
the same difficult time with ADE 2.0 and 1.8. I'm using XP Pro with JAWS 14,
JAVA and Flash; all up to date..

I spoke to the publisher and explained I need the version that can be used
with Adobe Reader, but the agent I spoke to could not help. And stated that
the guide's PDF is only available with DRM. But the instructor for the
course says that he spoke to the same company and he was told that the PDF
that can be used with Reader is available. But I can't make any headway with
the publisher when I call and explain.

I emailed Freedom Scientific about it, but didn't get a response yet.

What should I do? What can I do? I'm not sure if the problem is DRM, Adobe
Digital Editions, or both. I also don't know of any alternative program that
can handle DRM, so suggestions and of where I can get it would be

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