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Alex Stone <alex.stone@...>

Chris, thanks for wasting 8kb of my bandwith on such a wise and erudite

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Dave, they've added a new feature called hand-holder with sound
effects. Just kidding!

At 10:58 AM 8/15/2011, you wrote:
Oh, boy! Wonder what they have added to Research It this time?

Oh, do I sound cynical? Well, let's see the "What's New" file and
I'll get
back to you.

Dave Carlson
From my Dell Latitude 630, currently not nearly close enough for
my comfort
to my Audio Recording and Mixing Studios, San Francisco Bay Area.
But I'll
try to remedy that situation.

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FYI. FS just release jaws 12.0.1170.
Holger Fiallo
Kind Regard
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