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paul lemm


I know it's a little off topic, but if your interested in iPhone/iPad lists
for the blind then a good site is applevis for checking out accessible
apps, games and more. They also run a mailing list dedicated to
accessibility of iPhones, iPads etc there web page is

only other mailing lists I know of are for audio games, but if you do find
any other technology related mailing lists I'd be interested in hearing
about them to. if you do come across any feel free to let me know about
them and to save blocking up the list with off topic subjects you can mail
me at if you find any of interest.


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Hi All,

So sorry to post this, and I do hope it won't spark any prolonged
conversation - I suspect the moderator can answer this for me. I have found
this forum so helpful that I am hoping to find others, specifically
technology in general and also iPhone and iPad forums for the blind.

Any links would be helpful.


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