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I think the initial install of JAWS 8 from your CD to a clean drive would of
course consume an activation. However updating to JAWS 9 with JAWS 8 already
installed an activated should not consume an activation.

Dave Carlson
From my Dell Latitude 630, currently not nearly close enough for my comfort
to my Audio Recording and Mixing Studios, San Francisco Bay Area. But I'll
try to remedy that situation.

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On a related subject, here's something I have been wondering about. I
originally installed JAWS 8 on my computer with the CD, and upgraded to JAWS
9 from the FS web site, because my original SMA allowed for one version
upgrade. JAWS 9 is currently my default version. Suppose my hard drive
failed and after a new hard drive is installed along with the Windows OS, I
reinstall JAWS 8 again using the CD. Would I still be able to upgrade to
JAWS 9 again under the original SMA? Or would JAWS 9 run only in demo mode
after I install it again from the FS web site? I assume that I would need
at least two activations to reinstall JAWS 8 and then JAWS 9. I'm asking
this just in case.


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Hello there;

No, you will only receive 3
Regardless of which version you use,

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Hi, all.

I'm between computers here, and have a question about Jaws activation

I know I could call FS about this, but figured I might get a quicker
from the list.

Regarding activations, does a single-license Jaws user like myself have a
given number of activations for each separate version of Jaws, or is the
allotted number of 3 activations constant across all versions of Jaws

I am getting a couple of new computers set up for both office and home,

am trying to figure out how best to proceed, while still keeping an older
Windows XP machine around as a back-up in case that is needed as well.

I have Jaws 12, but a few earlier versions of Jaws that I could probably
use if neded, if that would give me more activations to work with.


Tom from Michigan

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