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Wow, you ausom, forgot about that. Thanks, hope it will be gone for life now.

On 15/08/2013, David Whitehead <davidwhitehead1957@...> wrote:

hello try;
control panel,

folder options,

view tab,

now tab to the listview,

press the letter "s" until you hear;
Show preview handlers in preview pane-ON press spacebar to turn off,

now tab okay press enter.

hope this helps.

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Hi, Normally with windows7, when entering computer, you must hide the
preview pain as it cause jaws to froze windows explorer and you have
to close it and restart the pc or wait a wile before you open computer
or explorer again. So by hiding the preview pain it normally solves
this issue, but since yesterday I tried to both check and uncheck the
preview pain but it keep frozing on me, so I con't really explore my
drives at all. Any idea how to solve this?

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