Re: How to cut and paste with JAWS 16.

Ryan McManomy

ok when I have all of them sulected and I cut or coppy  and paste to a new folder nothing is coppyed over I do not know if it is jaws or windows.

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Subject: Re: How to cut and paste with JAWS 16.

these are microsoft commands not jaws commands
control c copy
control v paste control x cut

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Adding a subject line that is descriptive. 
Tim Ford
Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 2015 9:58 AM
Subject: need help
Hello I am useing jaws 16 and windows 8.1.
I have not been a 8.1 user for all that long.
I am having trouble with cut and coppying files.
In xp and windows 7 I could select all and cut or coppy my files and move them to where I
want them. it is not letting me do this any more why?
Are there settings I need to fix or something?

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