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Soronel Haetir

A lot of the problem there, is of course, that jaws actually works for
the most part and so now it is mostly a matter of keeping pace with
the major applications. Unfortunately though an honest accounting of
the value added with each year's updates would not pay FS' bills.

I have been trying WE over the last week or so and I am amazed at how
much lower quality a product it is. And not just on things where I
need to get used to different keystrokes or such. I'm talking about
items like the WE dictionary not being able to handle punctuation in
the exception dictionary and their character dictionary not being able
to handle multiple character sequences (I am up against the jaws 2k
diction word limit so it is a feature in jaws I use quite
extensively). There is an extended dictionary add-on, but even that
can not handle source values that have '=' characters.

The only area I have found so far that I am impressed by WE is in its
scripting support, both in terms of language (since it uses the
standard VBScript interpreter) as well as the exposed programming

On 8/11/13, David G. Carlson <dgcarlson@...> wrote:
Yes, agree that JAWS has stagnated as of late with features of minimal
value to the end user. Don't know if I agree that it stopped 9 years ago,
but it has definitely slowed way down. I get one more SMA at version 15 and

then have to decide if I want to spend my personal money on further SMA, as

I no longer work for any company that will foot the bill.

David G. Carlson
Marketing / Sales Engineer
RF Timing and Synchronization

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Those of you who have been wondering how JAWS has reached its current state

of development should read two articles written by a former head of Software

Engineering at Henter-Joyce and Freedom Scientific. Although he left FS in

November 2004, his knowledge of how things get done, or not done, there
still applies.

Gary King
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