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Adrian Spratt

David Bailes posted the following some time ago. I may have edited it before adding it to my file.

there's an article on application mode that originated from freedom scientific:

See especially the Applications and documents section.
This is a brief attempt at a summary: People writing web pages can mark either part of or the whole of a web page to have the role of an application, indicating that it's more like a desktop application than a document, and it's intended that you should be able to navigate it using the standard keystrokes that are used for desktop applications such as tab and the arrow keys. Whether part of the page or the whole of the page is marked to have the role of an application makes a big difference in how Jaws behaves. If part of the page is marked application, then this is one of the landmarks of the page (like main, and navigation). The only change in Jaws' behaviour is exiting forms mode. Within such a section, you can only get out of forms mode by pressing numpad plus. If you're using auto forms mode, then normally this automatically exits forms mode whenever possible, for example if you tab to a control that doesn't need forms control. However, within a part of a page marked as application this doesn't happen. If the whole page is marked application, then the virtual cursor is not used for that page, and jaws says that application mode is on. So when jaws says that the application mode is on here is no option to use the virtual cursor. Note that such a page may contain a section marked as a document, or may include another web page which is a document, and for that section of the page you can use the virtual cursor. This appears to be how google docs are set up. It's also possible for a standard web page to include another web page which is an application. Unfortunately the permutations seem to be endless.

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It seems to work on the Lowe's site, but I haven't tried it other places as
of yet. What is this application mode, anyway?

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I have tried this but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I am
using Jaws 12 and IE8.


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