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Gary King

Before installing an application on your computer, you can see if it is officially supported by JAWS by going to JAWS Help Topics. If you don't land on the Contents Page, Control Tab until you reach this page. Use Down-Arrow until you get to the Popular Applications with JAWS Book, and Right-Arrow to open it. Go down through all of the applications that are officially supported by JAWS. These applications are the only ones that will have specially defined Hot Keys.

Other applications may work with JAWS if they have standard controls that JAWS can access and are written with accessibility in mind, but there still won't be any special hot keys or JAWS Help for these programs. Pressing JAWS Key q will tell you if any scripts or special configurations are being used while a program is running. With programs that are not officially supported by JAWS, you will likely hear: "Default settings are loaded," when pressing this key combination.

Gary King

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When I click the customize button in Google Chrome the menu to select
options does not come up. Are there hotkeys with JAWS to access this or is
the browser not accessible?

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