I'm new, and a question

Brandon Tyson Tyson <brandongold98@...>

Hi List,

My name is Brandon and I'm new to this list. Recently I have been
going between JAWS and the free NVDA screen reader. Recently I was
shown how to make JAWS act more how NVDA does and I quite like it.

On a different note, I am developing a sapi4 speech synthesizer
using some tools available in the sapi4 SDK. I am trying to detect
this voice in the JAWS sapi4 detect dialog. It can see it, but as
there isn't really a voice name exposed (which I cannot change), JAWS
will not add the voice to the profile list in JAWS 14, making it
useless with JAWS. Do you have any pointers on how to make this voice
work with JAWS so I don't have to switch to NVDA to test it each time
I update it?

Thanks very much for your time and I look forward to a response.



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