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Good suggestion, but unfortunately in my case with a 32-bit Win 7
installation it has been unchecked for many months, and I still get this
message on occasion.

I believe that this message (and it can occur with other applications, as
well) is related to a "feature" in Win 7 to alert the user that things are
progressing very slowly, and not necessarily completely halted.

If for example, Windows Explorer is logging some drives on a network volume
that is slow or very large, this message could crop up just due to the lack
of any perceived progress. And generally it will go away once things have
completed, or the process has sped up again.

Frankly I find it irritating when this happens. I'd rather have a nice
hourglass showing to indicate something going on.

Dave Carlson
Sales and Marketing Support Analyst

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Hi Brian & Denise,

Try the following:
While in Windows Explorer, go to Tools and then folder options.
Next, move to the view tab, and then the tree-view, and uncheck the
show preview handlers in preview payne.

Now apply & okay the settings change.

This problem does not occur on every Win7 machine, but we have found that
unchecking this option has corrected the problem on several systems.
This crops up on some 32 and 64-bit systems.

Take care.
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Subject: Windows Explorer has stopped responding

The issue for this friend of mine is every time she opens winddows
explorer and arrows down a couple of times to find something, windows
explorer stops responding.
Using latest jaws and windows seven.

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