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Debbie Kessler

I had students who would be dialing a phone and inputting phone numbers via the numpad. This can become confusing because they are so similar. It is easier to just learn the number row above the letters on the keyboard. The numpad was never meant to be a dialer. The numad on a keyboard was intentionally set up the way it is because ten key opperators could out type on a phone in the more mechanical days. In short, I can see why one would want the two key pads (numpad and phone) to be the same but there is good reason to keep them seperate; and JAWS or computers don't allow for this type of change without a lot of work. It is the kind of thing that you wouldn't find in a manual.

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On Jul 19, 2013, at 6:31 PM, "Gary King" <> wrote:

Can you explain why you want to make this change? The reason the keypad is
arranged this way is that with NumLock on, it was designed to let you enter numbers as you
would on a calculator. If NumLock is off, then the keys on the keypad are
either used for navigation or to control JAWS functions, and therefore, the
positions of the numbers are not relevant. If you toggle on Keyboard Help
with JAWS Key plus 1 on the number row, you can press the keys on the keypad
either alone or in combination with the JAWS Key to hear their functions.
The numbers on the Numpad are not mentioned at all in Keyboard Help mode
with the NumLock off.

If you are entering a lot of telephone numbers instead of calculations with numLock on, it might be convenient to rearrange the keys on the keypad, but any keyboard remapping program would need to be loaded before the JAWS keyboard driver intercepts the keys. I suspect it may be easier just to memorize the normal keypad arrangement.

Gary King
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I hope I got the answer. I called Jaws tech and they said there is a
setting when you run the Jaws start up Wizard to keep the num lock off.
Going to try it. Tom
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7-9 on top is the physical layout of every PC keypad I ever saw. I
suppose you could remap them somehow (I did a search, got lots of
people asking this but didn't see anything that looked like an answer)
but it would be a highly non-standard operation.

On 7/19/13, tcivi31 <> wrote:
I just installed Jaws 14 from the CD onto a new Dell XPS 8700 with
7. The keypad is not right It is in the calculator layout. No numlock
the numeric keys with 1,2,3 on the bottom and 7,8,9 on the top number
row. I

know there is a way to change this to telephone pad layout but I can't
locate it in Windows 7. Any help out there? Thanks Tom

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