The best CMS-system in connection with JAWS 14

Anders Boholdt-Petersen

Hi everyone

I will create a website for the property where I live, but are unsure about
which CMS-system there is best for users of JAWS (both when we talking about
creating of the website, and when the users should read the website after
the website is created).

Therefore I will ask about if some person on this list has experience with
CMS-systems in connection with JAWS?

I have self tested Drupal - see more on, and here I
could see that the accessibility is good with JAWS (when I read the
information after I have installed the CMS-system).

I have also looked on, but I have not tested this
CMS-system, since I not have an ASP-server on my webhost at this time.

I using the latest version of JAWS 14.

Thanks for the answer.



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