Re: JAWS and E-readers, Some Info.

Spencer McLean <smclean@...>


As a voracious reader, I've spent many hours banging my head against
various E-reader walls in an attempt to read assorted formats. This is what
I've learned. Hopefully, there's something in here that helps.

To me, you're better off avoiding E-readers entirely and, instead,
converting the book in question into html. Jaws does wonderfully well
reading books in IE and Firefox. Hit Sayall and you're golden. So, how to
do this...

For PDFs, mobipockets and so on, On the Windows side, Calibre gets
the job done, but I haven't had a lot of luck getting Calibre to communicate
with Jaws. But there may be scripts out there that make Calibre talk. In
that case, take your book, throw it into Calibre, convert to html and read
in your web browser. Calibre can convert everything from mobipockets to
PDFs. It can convert AZW files as well, though, you have to find those
scripts on the net and I very much doubt that breaking AZW files is legal.

As for RTFs, I suggest either reading them in Word, or
throwing them to Word, saving to html and reading as before.

DOCX and EPUB files are glorified zip files. Winzip can open them.
So my suggestion here is to click on the DOCX or EPUB file and, from the
Winzip extraction window, click to open the individual html files and read
them in IE and Firefox as before.

This is messy, but it covers most of the bases for a Windows users. Now, if you have Linux, your life is so so sweet because every conversion
tool known to man is available under Linux. Cat, catdoc, html2text,
pdftohtml... The list goes on. If you don't run Linux, you might be able to
find a shell somewhere and use the tools there to convert your books. It
really is slick as all get out.

Think I covered the bases here. Good luck! And happy reading.
Message me off list if you have more specific questions about formats and
I'd be happy to work on it. I'm a 300-books-a-year nutcase, so it's in my
best interests to help anyway given that I'll probably benefit from the


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