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Richard Holloway

Interestingly, while I had been told I needed to upgrade to JAWS12 or newer for BT operation, I just read in the manual that for "JAWS 12 or earlier" you have to find the outgoing port number assigned to the Focus display. (Under Bluetooth setup.)

I guess it is good to be current, but I bought the JAWS upgrade so my daughter could use her computer from across the room. So far she still can't and it looks like this should have worked without the upgrade for the past two years. I also bought this new Rocketfish BT adapter just in case the old one was part of the problem-- apparently another bad guess.

To be completely clear, this manual is for the new Focus 40 Blue and I was trying to configure a "classic model", but BT isn't seeing either the new or classic models turned on and in the same room.

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On Jul 15, 2013, at 11:58 AM, Richard Holloway <rholloway@...> wrote:

Okay, I'm back in Focus 40 question mode, but now the confusion is tied straight to a JAWS machine.

We have a 32 bit HP desktop unit running Vista. We have a Focus 40 Blue (Classic model) that has been plugged to the machine for a couple of years via USB. We couldn't use Bluetooth because we were still running JAWS 11.

I've upgraded to JAWS 14 and added a Rocketfish Bluetooth USB adapter. I have run the appropriate installer for the adapter and it looks like Bluetooth is running, but I can't see anything to pair.

The 40 Blue is charged fully and operating properly-- definite turned on too...

A day or so ago, I was pairing a new generation Focus 40 Blue to an iDevice and found I had to pair through VoiceOver, not in the regular Bluetooth area, so I thought that might be similar with JAWS.

Well, I can switch Braille to Bluetooth and see the adapter appears to be there and it wasn't before I added the USB adapter, but with one or two different Focus 40's running in the room, and the classic has never been paired to anything, I don't see a display to select through JAWS.

It can't be all that hard to pair this thing, can it? What simple step am I missing?

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