Focus 40 Blue for JAWS

Richard Holloway

Okay, I'm back in Focus 40 question mode, but now the confusion is tied straight to a JAWS machine.

We have a 32 bit HP desktop unit running Vista. We have a Focus 40 Blue (Classic model) that has been plugged to the machine for a couple of years via USB. We couldn't use Bluetooth because we were still running JAWS 11.

I've upgraded to JAWS 14 and added a Rocketfish Bluetooth USB adapter. I have run the appropriate installer for the adapter and it looks like Bluetooth is running, but I can't see anything to pair.

The 40 Blue is charged fully and operating properly-- definite turned on too...

A day or so ago, I was pairing a new generation Focus 40 Blue to an iDevice and found I had to pair through VoiceOver, not in the regular Bluetooth area, so I thought that might be similar with JAWS.

Well, I can switch Braille to Bluetooth and see the adapter appears to be there and it wasn't before I added the USB adapter, but with one or two different Focus 40's running in the room, and the classic has never been paired to anything, I don't see a display to select through JAWS.

It can't be all that hard to pair this thing, can it? What simple step am I missing?

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