Re: unknown function call to getlanguagecodeatcursor

MJ Williams <matthewjwilliams101@...>

I reinstalled the whole thing from the scratch and chose not to update to the latest patch.
All's well once again. :)
Thanks very much for all your help folks.

At 00:03 15/07/2013, you wrote:
If memory serves when I needed to do a repair, I went to the Help menu, alt H, then web resources, then technical Support, and typed Jaws Repair in the search edit box, I then got a list of technical support bulletins, and here was the trick, when I clicked on repair it did not take me there, but started the process. It was a while ago, so I may have missed something.
Cheers Kevin H.

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Subject: unknown function call to getlanguagecodeatcursor

Dear all,
When in table mode, pressing any key assigned to a navigation
function returns the message
unknown function call to getlanguagecodeatcursor
before the cell content is read out.
Any idea what may be causing this?
Sincerely, Matt

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