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The one thing that will work is chord-d, in other words spcebar and letter d

On Sat, 13 Jul 2013, Richard Holloway wrote:

My daughter is trying to use a new generation Focus 40 Blue braille display with an iPod. The Bluetooth connection seems to pair just fine. She can type and read braille in non-contracted or contracted mode, BUT neither backspace / delete (dot 7) or enter / line feed (dot 8) seem to work.

We looked at the 8 dot braille mode setting on the iPod (in case it was ignoring dots 7 and 8 because that mode was off). Didn't seem likely, but I wanted to check all I could before I asked for help. That seems to be un-contacted computer braille, so apparently that has nothing to do with it. Surely there is a simple way to have dots 7 and 8 work for those functions with an iDevice just like one would with JAWS on a PC.

This is a brand new display fresh out of the box, so if there are any settings to be made in the unit, they should all still be in factory default positions. I saw something about some options which I think are configured through JAWS when connected to a PC, but it would seem unlikely that needs to be done for such a basic thing as using backspace and enter.

I suspect we are overlooking some very basic settings issue. I know this is a bit off topic, but maybe someone could help with this off-list or point us to a list for Focus 40 Blue display users pairing to iPods please? My daughter is only 10 and not very patient, so any help might make this day a lot less long in our house, if you follow me...

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