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dan Kerstetter <dhk55@...>

I had completely forgotten about that. Thanks for the clue.


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I suspect the separate volume adjustment would work better under Windows 7
and probably 8. In another message, you mentioned that you are using
Windows XP. Separate volume adjustment is not usually possible with XP
unless the program supports some special type of Direct Sound output such as
in Winamp.

Gary King
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Subject: Using Express Scribe with JAWS

I'm trying to use Express Scribe, which is transcription software, with
JAWS. The volume controls in Express Scribe will not operate separately
from my speech output.

Short of buying another sound card, reassigning JAWS to it and trying to
have dictation going in one ear and computer speech into my other ear, is
there a way to separate the JAWS volume from the dictation volume?


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