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One thing that blind tunes brings that you can't do by default is the ability to sort columns and drag and drop functions to rearrange tracks. You can multi select files and even multi drag them across many tracks at a time. It also allows you to fast forward and gives helpful information as you navigate. Now that the iTunes store is fixed for iTunes 10.4 using jaws 12 in windows 7 it is much better.
New features are added all the time but you can also check the currently playing track and import info without needing to navigate there.
True though, it doesn't need scripts.

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Hi I have been using itunes for about a year now without any scripts,
can't see a reason for needing scripts. Think I started with 10.1 and
now I have the latest 10.4, I first had jaws 11 and now jaws 12 on
windows 7 and without scripts I would say it's about 95% accessible.
Don't uninstall it first try it without the scripts. This is the first
time I'm hearing about any scripts but I'll give them a try just for
the heck of it but if they make no difference though I can't think
what more I would want, I'll remove them again and continue as I
currently do. If you're wondering what I'm able to do without any
scripts just as it is, well basically everything. Normal play, pause,
stop, forward, back, navigating through music, video, podcasts, audio
books, editing names and info, Creating and edditing playlists,
burning audio and mp3 discs, importing cd's and other media, syncing
ipods, iphones and ipads and navigating all menues and settings.
Itunes reads everything and you can navigate everyware with arrows tab
and F6 keys.

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Your two choices are:
Note: Blindtunes is still in beta. It's free, but if you have
problems with it, remember, it's still in beta and being developed.


2. jTunes, not free, works with iTunes 10.2 and earlier:


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