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Hi Luis,

I don't have any personal experience with the headsets information below
but, the last 1 might be your best bet.

This headset allows you to listen to both your computer and the telephone at
the same time.

Name, Dual Head Sets by Plantronics.
Model or part number SMH1783-11. Price $350.00 to $400.00.

Name of distributor, Phone supplements
Phone, 1-800-742-1800

I've used Plantronics for years. The newer models unplug part way down the
cord so you can switch out the end you need. I have an eighth inch plug on 1
side and a phone plug on the other. I believe the model line you are needing
is the Supra. Don't let someone talk you into a stereo set, it won't work.

Here is the contact info for a company called Headsets Direct. That's where
I got my last set from.

Keep in mind everyone doesn't understand what we need with a different cord
for each ear. I know the best person you will talk to there is Ed, in tech
support. Everyone is friendly, and I've never spoken with anyone that didn't
speak English clearly...

1-888-244-0483 Toll Free . 928-777-9100 Telephone .

Hello Jim, I agree with others on this list that Plantronics equipment is
the way to go. For some reason buying from vendors is cheaper than buying
Plantronics direct. SKC Communication Products Inc.

800 882 7779

SMH1783-11 headset special, price around $240.00I think

Also get the optional AC adapter 26503-01

If they ask who told you, Art from Pittsburgh.

Good luck.

Hello Mark,

Here is what you are looking for, I used these for many years earning a
They are called "Dual Headsets".
One ear goes to your telephone, which has a small special box in-between
your telephone and the headphone jack, which allows you to control tone,
mute and such, while the other ear goes directly to your computer where you
can hear your JAWS.

In every company I worked for, Humana Health Plans, The Miami-Herald
Newspaper, American Bankers, this is the Brand name of the Head Sets their
Service Intake people used, the only difference being I used a "Dual
Channel" set, while the sighted folks used one channel sets.

The headset has a boom mike, it looks about like a coffee stirrer which you
speak into.

They are made of the highest quality material, very durable, yet very
comfortable, adjustable, they will send you parts, like the ear foam
cushions that
get old after a year or so, immediately with a single telephone call to
their parts department.

Well, they are the top of the line.
And the price expresses that also.



United States - - Information on Products and Services

Toll Free telephone number 1-800-544-4660

Telephone number (831) 4426-5858

Fax-on -Demand


345 Encinal Street

Santa Cruz, California 95060

Toll-Free: 890.544.4660 Prompt 4 Direct Dial.- 650.598.4330

United States - Information an Products and Services

CHOOSE PLANTRONICS Sound Quality 170 Coiiifort and

Part number


SKCCommunications Inc


oice Tube


Model number

Dual Channel Head Sets


Ext# 0



Hope 1 of the above helps.
Take care.
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I have read on this list about headsets that connect your computer
headset & a telephone so Jaws would be in one ear and the phone call in the
other. Could someone please let me know the make & model I would need to get
for this task.


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