Re: Seeking a JAWS tester for an online educational product for college students

Michael Grove <attackfisherman1@...>

Hi Ileane, I am an older student going back to school. I use JAWS for a lot
of my access. I would like to evaluate your product for you.
My name is Michael Grove
Contact info is: attackfisherman1@...
Home phone is: 717-702-4495

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Subject: Seeking a JAWS tester for an online educational product for college

Hello everyone! My name is Eileen Francisco and this list serve was sent to
me by the good folks at Freedom Scientific ... the makers of JAWS.
Please bear with me as I tell this short tale.

My company, rents textbooks to college students which saves them
hundreds of dollars compared to buying textbooks from the campus bookstore. is repositioning itself as The Student Hub by diversifying our
services to include a product called Homework Help.

Homework Help has two components to it.
Question and Answer is the first component. The student can type in an
academic question and then wait from a few minutes to hours for answers to
come through from the subject enthusiast community.
The second component is called Textbook Solutions. The student can type in
the name of the book or the ISBN and can see the step-by-step solution set
for the odd and even questions from the book.

This past Monday, Chegg had a kickoff for a Summer Hackathon. It's my first
one and my idea was to make Homework Help accessible to the blind.
Basically, my team member (Tim) and I have until Monday to come up with a
working demo to present to the company on Tuesday.

This is important to me because since Chegg's motto is "Students First" , I
want to make sure ALL students can benefit from this educational product.
And since Homework Help is still relatively new, I want to make sure that
accessibility is wrapped into the code as it continues to improve over time.

My request is that on Monday morning, someone in this community can test the
two pages that Tim will build using JAWS and Apple's VoiceOver.
I'm hoping to have one Question and Answer page as well as one Textbook
Solution page ready to test by 10 am PST 7/15/2013 from the comfort of your
home or office.
I'll most likely send URLs directly to you for testing and you can give us
feedback over the phone. Please let me know if you are interested in
ensuring our hack is usable.

Thank you so much for listening!

Eileen Francisco
Email Marketing Manager
Email: eileen@...<mailto:eileen@...>
Direct: 408.910.9597

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