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Londa Peterson

Another thing you can do with gmail is to set it up in Outlook. It's very
easy to do. Just go to where you set up an account and enter your email and
password. Outlook will do the rest for you.

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At least as far as gmail goes the main thing I can recommend would be
to get it into basic HTML mode rather than the standard (very dynamic)
layout. Once you managenthat using gmail is pretty easy.

On 7/4/13, Shan Noyes <noyes01@...> wrote:
hi all!

i am writing to ask if anyone has knowledge of tutorials for how to use
various google services with speech access like jaws. when i say google
services i mean all the services ranging from: 1. gmail 2. google drive 3.
google apps or collaboration, 4. google talk 5. google hang out etc.

the reaason i am writing to ask is my company is moving to using google
services and i am a little worried because so far i've been struggling
getting use to the various google services using speech. i've been trying
various things out like using chrome and the standard view with the short
cut keys turned on it works but isn't the most efficient way to work.
html version of gmail is useable however, isn't as efficient either as
compared to a thick client like outlook. and i haven't even tried out
google calendar either. so all help is greatly appreciated. thanks and
have a good happy holliday folks in the states.

shan noyes

p.s. if anyone wants to pass on the info directly because they don't want
put it all up on this list serve please feel free to write me directly at:
noyes01@... and or shan.noyes@...

take care everyone

shan noyes

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