Re: Jaws 11 and buttons


can you put the JAWS cursor on one of those buttons? you should be able to
left click it with an actual mouse. be careful not to move the mouse, as the
slightest hint of movement loses it's focus, and then you'll have to start

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Subject: Jaws 11 and buttons

Heya folks,

Is there a work around to be able to press a button on certain webpages with
Jaws 11? What I mean is some settings e.g my new brother printer Nuance
paper has 3 buttons at the bottom apply, apply to all products or cancel
niether work no matter what I do jaws cursor left mouse simulation on num
pad nothing works, can anyone help to get these buttons to enable/work?

I've also experience some webpages like this too, there must be a
workaround, Jaws 14 demo doesn't seem to do it either.



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