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Thanks for this Elf!
You're awesome!

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yes its made by a fellow on another list I am on, let me find the link...

ok here is the announcement Email with a live and working (I tested it just
before I sent this) link


I have made a few updates to MaestroTranslate, that tools that can be used
for translating text with Google.

1. The program is now multi-threaded, so the interface can be used while the

program is translating a long document. It doesn't freeze anymore.

2. The program displays a progress bar that shows the percentage of the
translated text, which is helpful when translating long documents.

3. The translated text is displayed in the destination text field
continuously, and it can be read while the program translates the rest of
the document.

4. The program has a "Stop" button that can be used for stopping the
translation of the current text, which might be utile sometimes for long

5. Zlatko Sobocan created improved JAWS scripts for MaestroTranslate, and
now the installation and configuration of these scripts can be done much

At the installation time (or later), the program ask you to choose the
hotkey you want to use for translation and the hotkey for configuration.
The hotkey for translation is the one you can use to translate the word at
the cursor or the selected text, and the hotkey for configuration is the one

you could use to choose the source and destination languages and other
options (and it will appear a wizard that will let you make the choice).

These scripts are installed automatically when you install MaestroTranslate,

and you can uninstall them without uninstalling the program. They are
uninstalled when you will uninstall the program.

The interface of these scripts is also localized. You can change its locale
by changing the current language of the MaestroTranslate's interface (and
then press Control+JawsKey+Escape to re-initialize the scripts).
The localization may change the language of the spoken messages, the names
of the languages and possibly their order (in the lists displayed in that
configuration wizard).

6. I have solved a few bugs that were making the translation of long
documents very hard. I have also solved a bug that prevented the translation

using the JAWS scripts on the first or even second trial right after the
computer has been restarted.
I have also solved a bug that prevented translating the current word pointed

with the JAWS cursor.

I have added a few details for installation in the readme file and much more

things in the help files of the program.

You can download it from:


so there you go its a desktop application that uses google translation and I

have found it to work well so far,
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Hi, Does anyone knows of a program or web that translate Spanish into
English that works well with JAWS? I want to translate a lyric song from
Spanish into English.
Holger Fiallo
Kind Regard
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