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This is what I found out after I downloaded Chrome, I hope it is not off
topic and is helpful to some.
As far as I can tell, Google Chrome is ok, the welcome screen is a bit
annoying but if you tab once it seems to put you on link to
which if you then press enter on you go to the standard page from where you
can access all the usual google items. I'm not sure all the buttons on the
welcome page are labelled as it just says numbers so I think we miss out on
things like translate. The address bar is called "location" and that was a
bit confusing at first but that's definitely where you type in your address,
using alt plus D also takes you to this location box.
Putting in the address into this box does work as I got onto a page I wanted
using it. It was quick to load too (which is one of its promises).
I know these things are a much of a muchness, but as someone who has always
used IE since the advent of it, (and safari on my iphone) I don't see a
major problem with it. The download was very quick
and the installation did itself and you will have a link to it on your
desktop. I think you can probably set it to be your default browser if you
want (actually i think it sets itself which could be a bit irritating),. I'm
not sure how things like cookies work as I noticed when trying to use it to
log into somewhere I couldn't get my username which I used to be able to get
it to autofill by using the arrows.
This could be annoying, but I guess there must be an autocomplete option
somewhere. The menu works by pressing alt and it reads downwards instead of
across. It has similar things to IE but of course you need to import your
bookmarks (favourites) as it's a different browser.
There is an options setting but it's structured like a webpage and the
categories for clicking on don't come up as links, also I found I had to use
the insert/escape keys to refresh when I wanted a different page when I was
changing the settings but that's probably to do with my jaws settings. It's
accessible enough though not fullproof.

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FF6 will work fine with Jaws. I'm running it now. Only difference is
that you'll be without a status bar, until you install the Status-4-Ever

Brandon McGinty-Carroll

On 8/17/2011 11:02 AM, Kirsten Edmondson wrote:
Does this work ok with Jaws 12 (latest update)? As far as everyone knows.
I wondered if I might sort out some of my jaws issues if I tried something
other than IE as my browser. I know firefox 6 has come out today and I
wasn't sure to get that or not because of it being the latest version I
didn't know how stable that would be with jaws either.
Any thoughts on Chrome or Firefox 6 would be appreciated.

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