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Does anyone know if Google has blind workers on their accessibility teem?
Some of the accessibility options they give are the strangest I have ever seen.
Escape to start menus? That's not obvious, escape is to exit. Plus Jaws probably has something to do with most of the keys that stops them from working on many of the key commands.
Also when they try developing screen readers they don't even have the option to switch voices, the default Sappi voice is the one you're stuck with...
I think they would have a much easier time if they had a blind person directing the program to make accessibility for screen readers. If they do, I'd like to know what screen reader they're using, because it's not Jaws...

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Really? ok neat. I might give it a try then just out of interest.

At 12:33 PM 8/17/2011, you wrote:
on Google's accessibility page, as far as i am not mistaken, from the
version of 2158 of 12, it says that it is supported.

On 8/17/11, Farfar on Laptop <dgcarlson@...> wrote:
Haven't heard anyone say that Google Chrome works with JAWS.
What does FS
have to say on the question?

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Does this work ok with Jaws 12 (latest update)? As far as
everyone knows.
I wondered if I might sort out some of my jaws issues if I
tried something
other than IE as my browser. I know firefox 6 has come out
today and I
wasn't sure to get that or not because of it being the latest
version I
didn't know how stable that would be with jaws either.
Any thoughts on Chrome or Firefox 6 would be appreciated.

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