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Hi Charles,

I am a C# developer. I would say that it depends on your skill and experience level. If you are an experienced developer moving over to C# from another object oriented language then MSDN is a great resource. Otherwise just Google what you want to achieve and there are plenty of blogs and tutorials out there. No doubt as a serious programmer you have ideas of things you'd like to build. Let Google be your guide.

However if you are new to programming, or don't know much about object oriented concepts then I would recommend first learning what object orientation is. What the key terms mean before then writing your first Hello World program.

For object orientation check these links at the Code Project:

The Code Project is a great resource so spend some time here.

MSDN has a great learning centre that has links for tutorials aimed at complete beginners:

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me.


I am a C# developer. C# and .NET in general is a pretty big subject. What kind of skill/experience level do you need materials for? If you are confident with object oriented conceptsthen On 6/12/2013 5:11 PM, Charles E. Black wrote:
Are there any soarses of documentation for learning the newest C Sharp out
there? If there is any materials, please tell the group or contact me at



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O thank you so much. I will try that. I appreciate.

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you could try;


now type in:
sndvol press enter.
you'll land on a up/down slider for volume, one tab should take you to
an mute/unmute button, using the spacebar.

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Hi listers, I formatted my pc, I got it back, powered on, it booted
into windows, it had sound. I launched narrator, I alt tab, I saw a
dialog wich asked me to restart. It had something to do with windows
update. I don't no what the dialog said because I don't no how to read
a complete dialog with narrator in windows7. So I restarted, thinking
that it will finish the update and boot to the desktop. But then after
the restart I had no sound. I want to instal jaws and such again, but
no use to put in the dvd if there is no sound. Any ideas? Could it be
that the soundcard was muted? And what is the command that I can type
in run to unmute it to test if that could be the problem? I run
windows7 home premium 32bit.

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