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Brent Harding

Hi there. Chicken Nugget is in beta. Chris posted a link on his Twitter to a file on Dropbox with the setup file, but I'm not sure how to find the link now that the Qube won't log in to let you read what it already has. I'm sure someone has the link. I've discovered that besides it now having a program window, you can still use control windows up and down, but they are reversed in function from the Qube, down is next and up is previous. There isn't any help files, so I'm not sure if there's a global new tweet, dm, etc, but control win left and right will still cycle through the categories of tweets, and there's more in it now. I'm sure it will get better, but I'm glad you can do the basics so we don't have to miss out on everything we follow.

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Hi everyone, I think this might be my 2nd posting to this list like ever.
I like other blind people have found out the the Qube isn't currently
working with Twitter's API 1.1.
I have installed Tween, but I find it difficult to use to manage both
of my Twitter accounts. I have heard something of another twitter
client that works well with JAWS called chicken nugget.
Anyone have any information for me?
I am using Windows 8 with JFW 14 over here if that makes a difference.
Just trying to find a suitable replacement client to use while the
Qube is out of service.
Thanks much,

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