How can i add the add-on to firefox?

David Ingram

Hi, i'd like to know how can I add the add-on to Firefox? I should have asked first how can we get this add-on, after that how do we add this add-on to Firefox? Thank you for any information that you might have.

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Of course there is: Go to the update tab in the advanced options.

However, there might be a way to get your add-ons to work and still have the added security of keeping your firefox current, which really is the purpose of staying current with FF.

Search for an add-on called the "add-on compatibility reporter" and install it. It is a tool meant to tell Mozilla if and whihc add-ons work with which firefox version. As a side benefit, the add-on compatibility reporter" allows most add-ons to work with newer versions of firefox also.

Finally, since there have been some problems with accessibility in the most recent versions of Firefox, I would personally recommend you use the "Extended Support release" of firefox instead. This is meant for the business and large company environment which does not need and may not want the latest bells and whistles all the time but still wants and needs security updates. The extended support release of FF really works like FF used to without the recent breakneck speed of cranking out updates that sometimes leaves concern for compatibility behind.

I origianlly began using the Extended Support re release of FF because I ran a legacy operating system but It has also protected me ofnasty accessibility surprises in a few cases.

you get the extended support release at

Finally, you may want to do a custom install and uncheck the option to have the "maintenance service" installed so you have no update pushed onto you silently.



At 08:13 PM 6/4/2013 -0500, you wrote:
every now and then I'm prompted to update Firefox, but if I do so I'm warned about plugin incompatibility. I keep having to go into Downloads and reinstall my favorite Firefox version. Is there a way to turn off automatic updating of Firefox? Thanks.

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You could do a system restore if you don't have too much you'd be
losing by doing so. I have Firefox set to accept no updates because of
the issues it has with Flash.

On 6/4/13, Brandon Keith Biggs <brandonkeithbiggs@...> wrote:
I had my Firefox all configured with plugins and whatnot configured how I
wanted them. The other day I had an update from Firefox and when I came back

into the web browser everything was gone. is there a way to go back to my
configuration? Or do I have to reinstall everything again?
Thank you,

Brandon Keith Biggs

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