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Please do the following.

Press Alt F. arrow down to Info. Press enter.

Press the Tab button until you see, Account Settings.

Press enter and then Press enter again.

Press the Tab button until you see More Settings and press enter.

There are tabs across the top.

General, Out Going Server, Connection Page, Advance Setting.

To save a copy of your messages on the server is under the last tab, Advance Settings. Press enter, or Space Bar on it and then press the Tab button. There should be a place to place a Check Mark on Save a Copy of Message on Server. Remove this Check Mark if you don't want a message left on the Server.

Good Luck.


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I'd like to know the same thing.

On Tue, 4 Jun 2013, robert stigile wrote:

Hello All,
I am trying to help a friend, who has Outlook 2010 and Jaws 14.
He needs to change his e-mail settings, so that when he deletes an e-mail from his in box, that it does not leave a copy on the server.
I need to get into the account settings, but can't seem to find the tools and account settings.
If any one can help by sending an e-mail to me privately, I would appreciate it.
Thank you,

Robert Stigile
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