Re: System image and anti-virus software for Windows 8


I would suggest Security Essentials from Microsoft but it does not work on
Windows 8. alternately, Windows 8 does come with a modified version of MSE
which is compatible with Windows 8 and is called Windows Defender.

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Subject: System image and anti-virus software for Windows 8

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a system image /backup and anti virus software solution
compatible with JAWS and Windows 8.
I have asked people who recommended Norton Ghost, but on investigation it is
not compatible with Windows 8.
Also, I have used Avast in the past for a anti virus solution, so I'm just
curious is there anything better?

I am seeking this information because I am purchasing a new laptop for my
Masters programme and I want to future proof it.

Any information /suggestions are very welcome.

Kind regards,


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